Meet Our Crew CrewWe are here to serve you with smiling faces. A move can be one of life’s more stressful adventures and the staff and movers here at are dedicated to doing as much as we can to make the transition go as smoothly and safely as possible.

Samantha D’Armi, Service Consultant

Samantha D'Armi, Service Consultant

Samantha is our newest Texan, but she’s always been one at heart. She grew up near the beaches of Maryland, playing hockey and soccer. After graduating and spending a month in Europe, Samantha came home and made a career managing an Edible Arrangements while finishing her degree. Seven years later, the cabin fever got too strong so she moved to Texas. After moving in January 2015, she was quickly caught in our net. Samantha’s perpetual good mood has made her a staple of in record time! When she isn’t brightening days over the phone, she enjoys being outside among the Houston, crowd and spending time with her friends hiking and listening to live music.

Logan Norris, Service Consultant

Logan Norris, Service Consultant

Logan has been an Houston, local since he was one year old, he loves this city and all of the different walks of life that have gathered here. When he’’s not playing video games or hanging out with his friends, Logan enjoys making everyone laugh. Logan has worked in retail and sales for over 5 years, learning as much as he can about people along the way.

Logan’’s silver lining attitude and creative streak would be a welcome addition at any business, luckily we managed to net him for and he has been part of the family ever since.

Terra Byrne, Service Consultant

Terra Byrne, Service Consultant’s sales team was fortunate to reel in Terra Byrne during the fall of 2012. A customer service provider for over twelve years with a background in counseling, Terra’s forte is her ability to really listen to the client’s needs and concerns. Terra’s patience and perception allow her to more effectively and calmly discuss the logistics of a move.

When Terra’s not smoothing out the details for our clients, she winds down with video games and seeing movies with her girlfriend.

Vinnie Scalco, Sales Manager

Vinnie Scalco, Sales Manager

Like so many employees, Vinnie likes to swim on the artistic side of the pool. He plays bass in his own band, Sweet Bottom, which formed after a recent foray into Zilker Park to play live for an Houston, Shakespeare production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. When he’s not serving customers, Vinnie likes to read about time travel and weird philosophical tangents, so it’s appropriate that he visits the Flying Saucer once a week with his friends, especially fellow employee Hunter Armstrong, although he believes the experience may have led him to become a beer nerd (the hoppier, the better).

He’s been a student, a delivery driver, he’s managed a Gamestop (he used to be an avid gamer) and has served the Erwin Center VIP suites. Now he delivers exceptional service to’s customers and his fellow employees.

Jimmy Rogers, Operations Manager

Jimmy Rogers

Jimmy is undoubtedly the best catch of Mysterious and to himself, you might never know that Jimmy is to be credited with the ease of day-to-day operations and our overall smooth moves. A father and a grandfather, Jimmy is responsible for educating and training the young men here at

With over twelve years of experience behind him, he has returned to because he simply likes what he does. Oh, and Jimmy is a fisherman. Figures.

Hunter Armstrong, President

Hunter Armstrong, President

Hunter Armstrong is a proud native Houstonite, born and raised.  Before he started working in the family business in 2008 he studied Physics at the University of Texas at San Antonio and did a short stint in Tech Support. After working nearly every job in the building, he took over as President of and Humpback Junk Removal in 2014.

Hunter is and has been an active participant in the Houston, community, having been a Physics tutor and now a mentor to Eanes ISD Students as well as a member of the Ballet Houston, Board of Directors. When he’s not busy delivering peace of mind to’s clients, he enjoys playing with his dog Huginn, traveling, and long motorcycle rides through the Texas hill country.

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